The Frog Club

“The Frog Club” Often referred as FROG (Family Record of Generations) serves as a vital tool for preserving your roots, connecting generations, and understanding your family’s history. Your existence on earth has a purpose which contains the meaningful knowledge and experience that can be shared with future generation. It provides a means to preserve and pass down your heritage, fostering a sense of identity and belongings. Building a FROG is not only an act of historical exploration but also an investment in the future.

The frog club

  1. Preserving Family History: The primary purpose of FROG is to preserve and pass down your family’s history from one generation to other. By documenting the names, dates, pictures, video clips and relationships of your ancestors, you create a comprehensive record that can be cherished by future family members. FROG ensures that your family’s legacy is not lost or forgotten over time.

Family Tree


  1. Searching Ancestral Connections: Building a family tree on FROG allows you to explore and uncover the connection between your immediate and extended family members. It provides a framework to understand the relationships and interdependencies that shaped your family’s story. Through this process, you may discover distant relatives, uncover surprising connections, and gain a deeper appreciation for your heritage.

 lineage chart

  1. Understanding Cultural and Ethnic Backgrounds: A family tree on FROG enables you to trace your lineage back through the generations and understand the cultural and ethnic backgrounds that make up your family’s identity. By exploring the geographical origins and traditions of your ancestors, you can gain insights into the customs, languages, and historical events that influenced your family’s heritage.

 the frog club - family chart

  1. Connecting Generations: A family tree on FROG serves as a bridge between generations, fostering a sense of connection and allows you to recognize the contributions, learning about life and achievement of your ancestors, thereby instilling a sense of pride and appreciation for your family’s heritage. Sharing information with younger family members helps them understand their place in the larger family narrative, strengthening family bonds and creating a sense of continuity.

 My family

  1. Creating a Sense of Identity: Building and exploring a family tree on FROG can help individuals develop a stringer sense of personal identity. By understanding the lives and experiences of their ancestors, individual gain a broader perspective on their place in history and society. This knowledge can instil a sense of resilience, pride, and cultural identity.


  1. Building a Sense of Legacy: FROG offers you an opportunity to leave a legacy for your future generations. By documenting and sharing your family’s tree and history, you ensure that your descendants will have a tangible connection to their roots. This knowledge can inspire future generations to explore their heritage further and continue the work of preserving and expanding the family tree.

 family and relatives

  1. Bridging Geographical Divides: In today’s globalized society, families often find themselves spread across different countries and continents. A family tree on FROG acts as a unifying force, transcending geographical barriers by reminding us of the shared bonds that connect us. It helps you locate relatives, whether they are close or distant, enabling the possibility of re-establishing connections and fostering new relationships with extended family members.

 The Frog Club

The purpose of FROG extends far beyond its visual representation. It serves as a gateway to our past, unveiling stories and connections that shape our present and future. By exploring our ancestry, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our family’s traditions, and our place in the larger human story. Whether you embark on this journey out of curiosity, a desire to preserve history or to strengthen family bonds, constructing and exploring a family tree is a rewarding endeavour that leaves a legacy for your generation to come.